Arabian Film Nights

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Experience the magic of Arab cinema!

Arabian Film Nights is an initiative by the Rotterdam Arab Film Festival, offering a carefully curated program of films every month that provide a glimpse into the Arab world, hosted in a setting reflecting the atmosphere of Arab culture. This initiative not only provides a platform for viewing films but also creates space for in-depth discussions with experts on the themes and stories portrayed in each film. By sharing stories that provide insight into Arab culture and experiences, we aim to bridge the gap between two cultures and promote a better understanding.

We invite everyone to explore these stories with us in a modest setup that highlights the diversity and complexity of the Arab world. Our goal is to share the versatility of Arab cinema and celebrate the unique stories it has to offer. Come and discover with us the personal stories that provide a fresh perspective on the Arab world every month.


LantarenVenster Otto Reuchlinweg 996, 3072 MD Rotterdam

Cinema De Vlugt Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 125, 1063 BJ Amsterdam

Fr. 12 April - 19:00

"Big Little Women"

Nadia Fares
Egypt - 2022 - 86 min
Arabic, English & Swiss spoken
English subtitles

In this cinematic letter, Swiss-Egyptian director Nadia Fares pays tribute to her father. She narrates about 75 years of women's struggle both in Egypt, her father's homeland, and in Switzerland, her mother's homeland, where she grew up.


Fr. 10 May - 19:00

"A Summer in Boujad"

Omar Mouldouira
Morocco - 2022 - 80 min
Arabic spoken
English subtitles

Beautiful film by the Moroccan filmmaker Omar Mouldouira, taking us on a nostalgic journey. The film highlights the complexity of family ties and the quest for a new home.


Wed. 12 June

"The Teacher"

Farah Nabulsi
Palestine & UK - 2023
Arabic & English spoken
English subtitles

A Palestinian schoolteacher struggles to reconcile his risky commitment to political resistance with the chance of a new relationship with volunteer-worker Lisa and his emotional support for one of his students Adam.

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